Pock Mortys Full list of mortys ranked

All data presented on this page was derived from the tables on the official pocket mortys website here on pocketmortys.net

I will do my best to update the content here on time, no guarantees.

Meaning :

The combined score of each morty is his base HP plus the stat total. Mortys are ranked in order based on their combined score.

I ignore the Base XP stat which is used to calculate how many experience points your mortys gain when you battle a morty with that XP stat.

This data is meant as a guide for discovering which mortys are actually strongest within the game. When you are starting out it's difficult to know that an evil rabbit morty is a weak ass POS, while shirt mortys which initially seem weak combine to form rainbow shirt morty, one of the strongest possible paper type mortys (and tough as hell to beat).

Please read on at the bottom of the page for more advice / tips.

Advice :

Disclaimer : knowing a morty's combined score does not guarantee it will win in battle against another morty of lower or comparable score. Other factors need to be accounted for such as :

For example, even though OTM (one true morty) has the highest stats and HP overall, he doesn't gain a strong offensive attack until level 42 (golden touch). Many users are initially dissappointed with their OTM and abandon him, not knowing he ultimately becomes much stronger than any other morty in the game.

Mortys that are evolved using level up mega seeds or by combinig are generally weaker than mortys you level up by battling. My best advice on how to trounce everyone and everything in the entire game is as follows :

Admittedly, this strategy is tough to follow in the first couple levels when you have nothing, but it helps a lot once you get cooking.

Similarly after you have beat the game and are probably flush with schmeckles you can buy all the stat increasing seeds you need and make any morty tough as hell.

Want to know what my deck is after all this research? SURE! Glad you asked. My current deck is not my ideal deck, but it's pretty damn good :

Archives :

To see a the archived list of mortys in version 1.2, go Here